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The TrialGP Netherlands, organised by ZAMC, is casting a long shadow ahead, promising something special, great and beautiful. Serious preparations were started in May 2017, since the idea of a world championship trial round in the Netherlands was born on a bench at the club building. Thinking about this bold plan for a couple of weeks the conviction arose that it should be carried out. More and more ideas followed and soon after the sleeves were rolled up: Yes, let’s do it!

Preparations continue according to plan. The section builders have done a great job last year, the club and many of its fellow workers have shifted gears and initial plans transformed from paper to hard reality. Fortunately the business world has not left us unpromised so a stable financial basis could be created for our project at world championship level.
The club handles several scenarios with high ambitions, sometimes even starting down the ladder, although it has ample experience with the organisation of two rounds for the European Championship trial in the past.

For some it might not be a surprise, but it is certainly special that a trial world championship round will take place in the Netherlands after an absence of fourty years. Suffering from a lack of natural environment trial riding it is a small sport in the low lands and the vacancy of top riders demands creativity to generate publicity for this event.

However developments in the international trial world were booming during the last decades and the level of the sport has reached a surrealistic high. As a results of their enormous talents multi-champions like Jordi Tarrés, Dougie Lampkin and Toni Bou have set the bar extremely high. Consequently even the most qualified section builders had to be re-educated and the international rule books were rewritten. And the motorcycle industry was forced to adapt the design of trial bikes considerably. During that process the Dutch could only look on how foreign top riders steadily drifted away...

But now there is hope! Trial history shall be written on June 22-23 2019 when the third round of the FIM world championship trial will take place at the unique ZAMC motorcycle centre ‘De Langenberg’. All the lights are green in order to create a unique trial happening, but we’re not there yet!

Publicity plays a major part, or even a key role, in the road that leads to success. That’s why we invest a lot of energy in communication and a quality website is part of that.
It is with great pride that we hereby introduce our brand new TrialGP website, the ideal place to present every item in relation to our event during the upcoming months.

We advise you sincerely to visit  www.trialgp2019.nl on a regular basis. It will not only keep you up to date with the latest topics, but it will show you that the world championship trial is an extraordinary motorcycle event. Besides that it is a great sign board of our club with a history of nearly 50 years. Everyone who loves the club will certainly appreciate this!